Staring Women

My Staring Women series talks about the inner strength of a woman.
Preema Andaleeb
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To me it does not matter whether the woman is veiled or unveiled. Even if they are under cover, they speak with their eyes, with their mind. Sometimes I wonder whether they have more resolve than unveiled women, as you can sense such strong spirit within those covers (hijab).

The question remains: Are the unveiled women who are trapped in a material world truly liberated? Or has the male-dominated society created their persona within which they are stuck, never really connecting with their true force--their true ability.

I am trying to cherish the women of power, women of strength and women who can confront any situation against her through my Staring Women series.

Artist's Statement

I believe art has no confirmation, rather it deals with possibilities. Hence I always want to try possibilities more than anything. I don’t want to be the “prisoner of art”.

For me, painting is a feeble, unsuccessful activity, after all. But it has unlimited possibilities to go beyond and rise further. I know that art can (?) take me there where I will only try to create more and destroy more. Because this is the only process art knows and this the only way an artist should take or go.

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