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The Vanguard Circle- San Francisco

The International Museum of Women's Young Professional Advisory Group




The International Museum of Women (IMOW) exists to inspire creativity, awareness and action on vital global issues for women. IMOW is an innovative online museum based in San Francisco that reaches a truly global community, with exhibitions that attract 600,000 annual visitors from more than 200 countries and territories.


The Vanguard Circle is a volunteer advisory group of young professional dedicated to supporting the International Museum of women by raising awareness of the museum's mission and exhibits, fundraising to support the organization, and empowering women here in San Francisco.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Contribute annual dues of $50. Pay your dues here
  • Attend monthly leadership meetings in San Francisco (dial-in option available)
  • Attend IMOW's annual Art Live Lounge event and:

          - Promote and network for the event

          - Participate in a sub-committee for the event (e.g. Silent Auction, Decor, etc.)

  • Participate in two other IMOW event per year (via attendance or volunteering)
  • Share museum content and actions (e.g. Muslima: Muslim Women's Art and Voices) via social media
  • Increase awareness of the Vanguard Circle and IMOW by recruiting new members and promoting participation of events

Benefits of Membership:

  • Engage and collaborate with a dynamic and diverse group of professional women
  • Enhance leadership skills by holding a Vanguard Circle leadership role or leading an Art Live Lounge Committee
  • Attend team-building events with Vanguard Circle members
  • Expand network while attending/planning events and raising awareness via social media
  • Receive the IMOW e-book, Voices of Courage
  • Be recognized as a Vanguard Circle member on this page
  • Get invited to IMOW members-only events & co-sponsored programs

Sign up today! Your donation is tax deductible.


Caroline Burnett

Heather Clark

Kathleen Kelvie

Tawni Koutchesfahani

Meghan LaTorre

Erica Navarro

Rebecca Mitchell

Rachel Reilly

Jenna Schwable

Ashley Smith

Nicole Soluri

Paige Sprincin

Liljana Xheka

As of August 13, 2012

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