"The International Museum of Women is an idea whose time has come. This will be the century when women will take their full place in the world. [I.M.O.W.] can be the voice and vision of women, and the global council members can bring this vision to tens of thousands of women around the world."

Mary Robinson
Former President of Ireland
United Nations high Commissioner of Human Rights
Chair, Council of Women World Leaders
International Museum of Women Global Council member


"Having attended numerous I.M.O.W. forums and events I, too, have been inspired and motivated to action. We welcome I.M.O.W.'s encouragement! I have often brought friends to your functions so that we may individually and together better enable, embrace and empower ourselves as women in the 21st century!"

Peg Purcell
Past President, St. Luke's Hospital Auxiliary


"[I.M.O.W.] is a connector for women to engage in dialogue across the world, to network and share their visions, to have their voices heard, and have their histories accurately and authentically recorded."

Mahnaz Afkhami
President and CEO of Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace
Iranian scholar
International Museum of Women Global Council member


"I think this is a very positive platform for women to lead the world into the New Millenium with a togetherness that transcends cultural diversities."

Cecil Herbie Jones


"What we really need is not just laws, but more awareness - the kind of awareness that can be created by an institution like the International Museum of Women."

Victorine Odouniami
President of an advocacy group in Berlin


"I often feel so isolated in my work. To know that [I.M.O.W.] is here to help connect the global community and elevate the dialogue on women's issues is incredible."

Worker, Amnesty International


"When we have a museum that brings together women's accomplishments and the contributions that we have made, it encourages other women and our male allies to step forward. We need to invest in a place where women will grow and where we will grow in our support - not just in San Francisco, but across the country and across the world."

Hafsat Abiola
Founder and Executive Director, Kudirat Initiative for Democracy
International Museum of Women Global Council member

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