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The Hand Off
The Hand Off is a short film that brings to light the importance of carrying on old teachings. Shakira and Rafi, a married couple on a mission to carry on a teaching before it is too late. The undertones of mystery and the echoes of magic realism help this story unfold.
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Seeds of Resistance
"Seeds are our mother," declares physicist and activist Vandana Shiva, founder of the revolutionary Indian seed-saving organization Navdanya. The organization's name translates as "nine crops." Its mission: To support local farmers and rescue and conserve crops that are being pushed into extinction...
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Does environmental destruction politicize women?
Why is it that most recent conversations about the "planet in peril," including deforestation, climate change, natural disasters and changing water levels, rarely reference women? Women are disproportionately impacted by changes in the environment. And, with indigenous knowledges in tow and generations of experience working the land, gathering wood and fetching water, women bring unique, effective and sustainable solutions to environmental problems...
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