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How does one define the perfect woman? The people at the Patina V Mannequin Factory believe they just may have the answer. 34x25x36 explores the issues of female body image, physical perfection, media and religion.
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Breath in the Ground
The image of the seated figure is one I find myself returning to often, in both paintings and sculpture. I am fascinated by this position in which the figure seems to have given in, or surrendered, to life's circumstances; it appears exhausted by being. The pose is closed and open, strong and weak, heavy and light, all at the same time...
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The materials mahogany and bronze are hard, dark and traditionally associated with men and masculinity. By sculpting the feminine experience out of these materials, Humaira Abid blurs the line between genders and the roles stereotypically allotted to them. In these works, Abid reintroduces the masculine into her sculptures in the forms of male shoes, shirts and razors, but by juxtaposing these objects next to pacifiers, bottles and blouses, she explores the roles men play in parenting as they increasingly assume more "maternal" roles in childcare...
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