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Political Art in the Female Form
Featured Community Voice: Anahi DeCanio Anahi DeCanio uses collage and the female form to encourage her audience to piece together the political questions of the day...
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International Women's Day Celebrations
How I celebrated the centenary celebration for International Women's Day...
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"SDN No Violencia"- ABIERTA LA INSCRIPCIÓN - Un programa de entrenamiento personalizado para que puedas salir del maltrato de tu pareja. Sobre las bases y técnicas científicas del ya desarrollado Programa de Superación Personal "Salir de la Nada", he creado un nuevo entrenamiento con el que podemos ayudarte a evitar definitivamente la violencia de género...
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Call for Submissions: Stop Violence Against Women
One in three women worldwide experiences violence in their lifetime, making violence against women one of the gravest human rights violations of our time. The experience or threat of violence affects the lives of women everywhere, cutting across boundaries of wealth, race and culture...
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Ring the Bell
Breakthrough is an international human rights organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote values of dignity, equality and justice. In 2008, we launched our multimedia awareness and intervention campaign Bell Bajao, in English "Ring the Bell," that urges men to take a stand against domestic violence...
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