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Be committed to reversing climate change
In June, I.M.O.W. focuses on women's efforts to protect the environment as part of the Women, Power and Politics exhibition. I am glad that I.M.O.W. will join the movement for the safety of life and the sustainable development of civilization on Earth. We will reach our goal only if we are able to continue environmental education in all nations while holding all cultures and genders in esteem and promoting tolerance, peace and international human rights...
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Comments and Suggestions
Help us improve our exhibitions and programming by leaving your suggestions! Share your thoughts about how our work has impacted your life. We love to hear from our community!
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How Mothers Can Change the World
"The sky is falling, the sky is falling" said Chicken Little, which, if you turn on the radio, watch the TV or read the paper, feels fairly accurate. Everywhere we turn the word "crisis" is in the air--the financial crisis, the food crisis, the global warming crisis, the terrorist crisis... One would think that nothing good is happening in the world...
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When A Saint Calls, Surrender!
I worked around the world with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India, and painted a portrait of her to share. Mother Teresa is one of the greatest souls to have graced the earth.
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Tap Memory & Write Mother Memoir
Will you join me in connecting women the world over. I'm searching for women from every country to write Mother Memoir for my TellTale Souls online publication and nonfiction book collection. Website Blog
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The Goddess Journey
“The Goddess Journey” is a series of 33 paintings, an adventure into the feminine essence. The paintings are broad and holistic. They may trigger a sense of deja-vu, when they mirror universal experiences. The symbols are clues that lead to more awakenings...
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