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Political Firsts
Countless American women have struggled to achieve equality with men and gain access to the boardrooms of power. Below is a timeline of women who have changed the face of American politics by being first to run for office, be it the Presidency, the Supreme Court or the Congress.
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10 Questions with Professor Ida Blom
Each month, the Museum will feature "10 Questions" with an expert on women and politics in one corner of the world. This month, we spoke to Dr. Ida Blom, Professor of History, Emeritus at University of Bergen in Norway...
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Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority
I was a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley's journalism school when Patsy Takemoto Mink died in 2002.
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Cicciolina’s Sexual Politics
Should women use their sexuality for political gain? Or is it better to avoid this route to power? One woman who famously used her sexuality as a political tool was Hungarian-born Ilona Staller, best known as the Italian adult film star, Cicciolina. In 1987, 20,000 people in the district of Rome hand-wrote her name on their ballots, preferring her over forty-seven other Radical Party nominees...
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When Women Enter Elections
Many women think that voting is a civic duty--an appropriate, even obligatory, activity for women. Far fewer women and men are convinced that women should run for office.
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CEDAW in San Francisco
The city of San Francisco is notorious for breaking the United States' political mold. When it comes to women's organizing, the trend is no different. In 1998, San Francisco became the first municipality to adopt CEDAW: the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. A United Nations human rights declaration, CEDAW has been ratified by 185 countries around the world; but not San Francisco's own federal government...
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Kosovo's Constitution Considers Women
Featured Community Voice: Women for Women International When women are faced with the crisis of war or conflict, Women for Women International is there for support. The organization helps women in nine post-conflict regions rebuild their lives, families, and communities. It also offers a sponsorship program that connects donors to women survivors in places such as Kosovo, which declared independence in February 2008--a decade after conflict, ethnic cleansing and war crimes against women left the region in ruins...
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