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The Body Economic
Around the world, women’s economic opportunities and choices have long been impacted by their ability to bear children. Women and their families frequently make tough choices and poignant trade-offs, which are either helped or made more difficult by public policies concerning fertility, work, and social roles...
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America's Family Values?
First published in Glamour magazine in 2002, this essay explores the difficult challenges working women face as they attempt to balance their work and family obligations. In this day and age, women are expected to--and frequently forced to--have full-time careers, while, at the same time, they are expected to do most of the childrearing and housekeeping...
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INTERVIEW: Population Control for Whom?
Women's rights are often treated as a boutique cause, something for radical feminists to fuss over while those in power focus on issues that "really" matter, like the economy, political stability, or public health. But in her latest book The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World, author Michelle Goldberg explores how women's rights--reproduction, abortion, gender bias, etc.--are at the center of the world's most critical problems, including our economic vitality...
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The materials mahogany and bronze are hard, dark and traditionally associated with men and masculinity. By sculpting the feminine experience out of these materials, Humaira Abid blurs the line between genders and the roles stereotypically allotted to them. In these works, Abid reintroduces the masculine into her sculptures in the forms of male shoes, shirts and razors, but by juxtaposing these objects next to pacifiers, bottles and blouses, she explores the roles men play in parenting as they increasingly assume more "maternal" roles in childcare...
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