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Standards of women leaders
It is not unusual for a woman today to be seen as an asset in some political situations - particularly in circumstances where she is unexpected, or even a novelty, and can be seen to voters as a sign of a party's 'modernity' or renewal. But once a woman is actually in office (political), focus quickly shifts from symbolic value to performance...
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Kuwaiti Women’s 1st Election Day
Until June 26, 2006, women were not allowed to vote or run for election in Kuwait. On that historic day, thousands of Kuwaiti women waited in sweltering 102-degree heat to cast their vote for the first time in their country's history. Unfortunately, out of 28 women who ran for parliament, not one was elected, although many fared well...
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Tanzania Unlimited, Ltd.
"Tanzania Unlimited, Ltd." is a collection of photos showcasing business in Africa. It focuses on Tanzania's economy, which has grown due to increased exports and other international trade. Though new industries are a boone to the nation's economy, participation in the global market also creates cultural tension...
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