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America's Family Values?
First published in Glamour magazine in 2002, this essay explores the difficult challenges working women face as they attempt to balance their work and family obligations. In this day and age, women are expected to--and frequently forced to--have full-time careers, while, at the same time, they are expected to do most of the childrearing and housekeeping...
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Woman Kind
Woman Kind is a project by feminist visual artist María María Acha. Since 2009, Acha has worked in digital photographic collages, using found archival images and images from the internet, magazines, books and photographs taken by the artist. This selection of collages from the Women Kind series reintroduces archival images that represent women's roles in the care economy and attempts to bring women front and center...
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First Money, Then Power
Too often words like ignorant, impoverished and oppressed are used to describe women in the Global South. Collectively, Westerners tend to imagine these women as victims. Recent efforts to put economic resources in these women's hands have changed the way they experience and express their power. Governments, schools and civil society organizations alike have recognized that arming women with small loans, as well as helping them develop skills necessary to run their own businesses, benefits women, their families and their communities.Below you will find profiles of five women who have benefited from microcredit loans...
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