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Intimités Afghanes
In 2003, during a one year mission in Afghanistan for NGO Aina which supports Afghans journalists, I started documenting the private and daily life of women, in a country where they had gone through social annihilation.
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Danger in the Streets
Lately, women on the streets of Egypt have been under assault -- threatened by looks, by words and by physical attacks. As more Egyptian women claim the freedom and power to enter the public sphere, they are being confronted with a growing wave of public sexual harassment.
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Muslim Women Engage in Politics
Featured Community Voice: Rania Matar Lebanese-born photographer Rania Matar, who currently lives in the United States, frequently travels back to her native country...
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A Curtain Between Worlds
To many in the Western world, the wearing of the hijab, or veil, by Muslim women is a mysterious and controversial tradition...
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Struggling to Understand
As a Jew, fear of Arabs was hard wired into me from an early age. After 9/11 when more Muslim women began to show their solidarity by deciding to wear hajib, I was very disturbed and fearful.
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Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, wife and mother of three, works as an oncology nurse at the top-ranked cancer hospital in the United States. She is also an author. Her first novel, An Unproductive Woman, will be published in 2008 and available in November.
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Can't Speak, Won't Speak
This piece is really just a rumination on the wants and desires of women in some cultures in the Middle East as symbolised by the niqab and its depiction in the media.
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Staring Women
My Staring Women series talks about the inner strength of a woman.
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