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Art across Borders
Regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, immigration status, identity, social, cultural or political ideology, women can relate to each other by a unity of gender experience. Women have the power of many. Women are the source of strength that their children feed from...
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This series of paintings is based on my relationship with my younger sister. We have grown up together, then grown apart, then grown back together again, stronger than before. Throughout the years, we have developed a deep friendship and enjoy many shared memories.
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We Are More Alike Than Different
People try to distinguish themselves from one another with clothing, make-up, hair styles and jewelry. But do all these accessories just enable people to hide their real selves? Do we ever see the person underneath? What causes a human being to want to hide behind a mask? To what extent are we actually different from one another? If you omit all the things that can be used as a mask, I believe that we are more alike than we are different...
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Sacred Feminine
Being Yin was part of the Palm Springs Art Museum - Artist Council Juried Exhibition, 2008
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The Goddess Journey
“The Goddess Journey” is a series of 33 paintings, an adventure into the feminine essence. The paintings are broad and holistic. They may trigger a sense of deja-vu, when they mirror universal experiences. The symbols are clues that lead to more awakenings...
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