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Picturing Breast Cancer
A woman dying of cancer is wrapped in another woman's arms. Behind them, incinerators belch out dark clouds of smoke...
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Economics and Public Health
I.M.O.W. Global Council Member Indira Chakravarty, Ph.D. and Doctor of Science, spoke with I.M.O.W. about the perceived economic value of women in India, and how basic rights such as health care, clean water, and basic education can make all the difference for empowering Indian women to contribute fully to the economy and society...
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Poverty, Gender Inequities and HIV/AIDS
Most HIV prevention programs focus on access to information and health care services. But for many women, especially in developing parts of the world, choices about health are limited by the other constraints available to them, in terms of gender relations, economic survival and unequal access to information and services...
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Measuring Mercury Hair by Hair
Mercury is one of the most poisonous natural substances on earth. It attacks the nervous system and brain. Small doses cause problems with coordination, vision and manual dexterity. More can be fatal. A group of women in Brazil did something to keep mercury out of their food chain. They grew their hair...
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Water Woes
Throughout history, women have played a central role as stewards of water. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), "Women are most often the collectors, users and managers of water in the household as well as farmers of crops. Women and children provide nearly all the water for the household in rural areas." In urban areas, women are often in charge of accessing clean water and ensuring sanitation for their families...
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Beijing Paralympics 2008
Featured Community Voice: Mimi Kuo-Deemer Photographer Mimi Kuo-Deemer has traversed the globe taking pictures of women. It was in China, the site of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she saw women come together across nationalities, cultures and politics for the world's highest profile international sporting event...
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