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Youth Communicating through Art
Featured Community Voice: Anya Kandel, Momentus International Anya Kandel, founder and creative director of Momentus International, is sparking a global conversation among youth...
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Fashion Undercover
I have been on many worst dress lists and frankly I don’t really care. Recently I went to a black tie function in jeans and a T-shirt. I’m not into sparkly spike heels; I’m very much about my clogs. I don’t really want to go to a make up artist or get my hair done: because that’s not who I am and not what my message is about...
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Standards of women leaders
It is not unusual for a woman today to be seen as an asset in some political situations - particularly in circumstances where she is unexpected, or even a novelty, and can be seen to voters as a sign of a party's 'modernity' or renewal. But once a woman is actually in office (political), focus quickly shifts from symbolic value to performance...
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Cultural Wisdom
As the coeditor of the internationally bestselling expatriate women's anthology Tales from the Expat Harem, I contributed my favorite titles to last year for its “Dog Eared: Books We Love” column. The online tool for writers, students and teachers of writing, and marketing communications professionals worldwide, asked me to share books about the cultural wisdom that historically pools at the intersection of women and travel...
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Feet of Resistance
I have come to realise that you cannot reach a goal without power. It is not a disgusting word, it's an important word. And, what better word to give a woman to use and keep as a virtue? A powerful woman can ignite many paths. -Shaheen Sultan Dhanji
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