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Be committed to reversing climate change
In June, I.M.O.W. focuses on women's efforts to protect the environment as part of the Women, Power and Politics exhibition. I am glad that I.M.O.W. will join the movement for the safety of life and the sustainable development of civilization on Earth. We will reach our goal only if we are able to continue environmental education in all nations while holding all cultures and genders in esteem and promoting tolerance, peace and international human rights...
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How Do YOU Exhibit Change?
Now is your chance to be our poster women! Show us how you exhibit change. We're asking our community of artists, activists teachers, parents and concerned citizens to submit their answers to the question "How do you exhibit change?" Write your answer on our poster and take a picture with it for our Web site. To participate:1 - Download and print the poster below. 2 - Write your answer in the space provided. 3 - Ask someone to take a picture of you holding it. 4 - Log in to your profile and post it to this thread by clicking the reply button. 5 - In your reply, type a short statement about why you chose your word, add your photo, and then click the submit button. We can't wait to see how you exhibit change!
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Girls Helping Girls
Sejal Hathi is a 17-year-old student at Notre Dame High School, in San Jose, California. In 2007, when she was 15, Sejal founded Girls Helping Girls, an international non-profit organization connecting girls from the United States with girls from other countries...
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LIVE! from South Africa: Blog Entry 3
For two weeks in November 2008, Women, Power and Politics Curator Masum Momaya blogged from Cape Town, South Africa, where she met with hundreds of women artists, activists and advocates from all over the world...
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Giving to Women Means Getting More
The importance of money in the women's movement is often overlooked. However, money has fueled women's ability to overcome critical challenges to equality around the world...
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Breaking Free
The time has come for citizens of the world to rethink economic systems that have left billions of people in poverty and undervalued the importance of informal economies in the developing world...
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