I.M.O.W.'s Education section offers a number of teaching tools that accompany both our multilingual online exhibitions and our physical exhibitions. In addition to curricula and educational guides, we've included two successful pilot programs that were developed in collaboration with the University of San Francisco and the Oakland School of Arts as examples of ways you can use I.M.O.W.'s teaching tools. Finally, we offer invaluable online resources for educators and students.


Education is an essential component of I.M.O.W. Envisioned as a catalyst for achieving cultural change, the museum’s education programs are committed to fostering dialogue about gender equity and issues concerning women and girls worldwide. Through youth outreach initiatives, a speaker series, and the creation of curricula, the museum has created educational materials to reach, inspire and transform the minds and hearts of youth and students at every stage of development. The museum works actively to form partnerships with local, national and international organizations dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for gender equity around the world.


  • Constanza Svidler, Ph.D., Former Manager of Education and Public Programs, I.M.O.W.
  • Karen Offen, Ph.D., Senior Scholar, Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University
  • Masum Momaya, Ph.D., Curator, Women, Power and Politics and Economica, I.M.O.W.
  • Catherine King, Vice President of Exhibitions and Programs, I.M.O.W.
  • Liza Gesuden, Teacher, Oakland School for the Arts
  • Elisabeth Jay Friedman, Professor, University of San Francisco
  • Marina T. Crouse, Professor, Diablo Valley College
  • Lovisa Brown, Educational Consultant
  • Fatima Mohsin, Education Intern, I.M.O.W.
  • Carli Dritsas, Education Intern, I.M.O.W.


  • Kristen Calvert
  • Lisa Chanoff
  • Claire Ernst
  • Primrose Pagdilao
  • Lyn Reese
  • Melody Saint-Saens
  • Julie Anne Taddeo

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