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I.M.O.W. Team

Women of Ilocos Sur

photo by Teena Saulo
Despite their age and health condition, elderly Filipino women from the lower economic strata still manage to help in providing for the economic needs of their immediate and extended families. They continue to work with their hands to produce arts and crafts, employing old traditions that they have been practicing since they were young. These set of photographs are about these elderly women workers of Ilocos Sur, a province in the north of the Philippines.
This is a few photographs from a series of photographs taken during one of my photo assignments for a project commissioned by the local government of Ilocos Sur entiled "The Ilocos Sur Living Traditions Project". Our team documented the remaining living economic traditions which were mostly practiced by elderly men and women who still wish to pass on their traditional knowledge to the current generation who are longer as interested as they were when these traditions were being passed on to them during their time. Yet, despite their age, their health condition and the lack of interest of youngsters to whom these tradition are supposed to be transferred, these elderly women still continue to play a vital role in the family economic survival, providing food and education to their younger grandchildren therefore preparing and equipping them to have better chances in the fast changing world.

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