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Can Women Rescue the Global Economy?

How Investing In Women Is an Effective Business Strategy

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Listen to the World Affairs Council podcast, with curator Masum Momaya in conversation Mary Ellen Iskenderian and Monica Morse.

On June 16, 2009, Economica curator Masum Momaya, President and CEO of Women's World Banking Mary Ellen Iskenderian and board member of Astia Monica Morse discussed the global impact of women on economic development at an event hosted by the World Affairs Council and the International Museum of Women.

Everyone has a different solution for how to fix the current global economic crisis. Why, then, have so few of the pundits and policymakers considered women and their role in rebuilding the economy? Listen as Economica Curator Masum Momaya, Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women's World Banking and Monica Morse, board member of Astia, discuss the global impact of women on economic development. In conversation with the World Affairs Council, the speakers talk about their organization's work in recruiting, training and supporting women who run both small ventures as well as high growth, high capital outfits. Both claim that investing in women as a business strategy creates a sound social and financial approach to alleviating the current financial crisis and preventing others.

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