COMMUNITY VOICE: <BR/>If I Worked for 493 Years

If I Worked for 493 Years

A Performance Art Video Project


Lisa Link presents this striking performance art video project about the impact of U.S. economic policies of the last ten years on middle and working class women.

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Lisa Link, March 2010
If I Worked for 493 Years

If I Worked for 493 Years is an ongoing performance art video documenting every day at work as well as the aging process through the digital eyes of my computer. It juxtaposes a personal narrative against economic research and statistics. I began this piece in 2006 as a response to U.S. economic policies that were heavily weighted against working class and lower-middle class families. The policies continue to favor large corporations over working class families, especially women. Health care in particular has become an unaffordable luxury for many working women and their families.

This project is ongoing, and I am interested in connecting with other women in different countries who also might be documenting their work on an ongoing basis.


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Wonderful JOB Lisa.
This project speaks to the current state of the American workforce in a poetic and beautiful way.

United States

Thanks Lisa, I started blogging about the downs and the not so nice treated such as talk down to I experience at my job. Then I stopped because its the only one I have and it bearly pays the bill. I do not want to get fire because my writing might get to the attention of my employers.

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