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The Woman Working for Your Family has Her Family Back Home


The woman working for your family has her family back home.
Italy has an increasing request for women coming from poorer parts of the world to take care of our elders. They're often from South America or former communist countries. They spend most of their time taking care of people whose families can't take care of. Welfare is often not enough. Hospitals are really sad places. But italian people rarely reflect upon the fact that those women have a family back home, waiting for the money they earn, waiting for them to come back.Cultivating a project for a future happiness when they'll be reunited. I met Ludmila (Lu, as they nickname everybody cutting the first syllabe of the name)in Italy and went to Ukraine to met her wonderful family during Christmas holydays. It was the first time she was back after three years. I can't help, looking at those people, reminding myself what their story is and how strong are their family bonds.


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