PODCAST: Women, Work and the Arab World

PODCAST: Women, Work and the Arab World

Women in the Middle East usually don't work outside the home--but that's beginning to change. Jennifer Olmsted talks about what has kept women out of paid work, and why more are entering the workforce now. (34:05)

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driss brhir

jai search the business and investment opportunities and have experience of commercial and dampened for a woman in the field of business communication and work together in business Mivan
Waiting for the answer
Thank you

maha saedaway
maha saedaway
United States

all women middle easteren or other can work outside or inside the home ,i have a small studio for art ,craft and science work shop in the lower level at my house it is a small hand made business made. and created by me i alaways look for inspiration to be a sucessful at work ,motivated and better
women have determination as they give bornto ner children and grow healthy family