Joanna Lipper Projects >> Visit Projects of Economica, a series of mini-exhibitions that continue Economica's themes via special focuses, new content, and community contributions.
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Economica Film List Film List >> These films about women's roles in the global economy will change how you think about poverty, wealth, microenterprise, philanthropy, and women's leadership.
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Economica Book List: Image of a female statue reading a book Book List >> These political memoirs, diaries, comic books, political and historical novels, essays and speeches from women activists will inspire you again and again.
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Economica Podcasts: Image of an old-school rusted microphone Podcasts >> Tune in for exciting conversations between Economica Curator Masum Momaya and dynamic women economists, feminists, thinkers and activists of today.
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Forum >> Spark conversations and connections with women and men around the world. From economic theory to practice, join in the discussion about issues that matter.
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Economica Your Stories Images Your Voices >> We want to showcase your art, video, audio, and inspiring work for social change! See what's new and what's popular and submit your own work for consideration.
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girls learning Education >> I.M.O.W. offers teaching tools to compliment our multilingual online exhibitions, including an educator's guide for Economica. Check out this and other tools for the classroom in our Education section.
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women on the map Women on the Map! >> Launched on International Women's Day 2010, Women on the Map! is a global campaign to honor women, as well as a great way to explore the stories and slideshows in Economica via geography.
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