Reflecting on Life After College


Pagmumuni is a tagalog term for a deep reflection that involves thinking about the future. Valeene Salanga, a recent graduate who is now looking for a job, talks about feeling unprepared to enter the labor market, the difficulty of finding work as a new graduate, and how she is making important decisions about her future. 
Pagmumuni is a tagalog term for a deep reflection that also involves thinking about the future. This video focuses on my experience as a young graduate confronting the fears of entering the workforce and moving forward.


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I remember that feeling right after graduation, when you are suddenly let loose with no "how-to" instructions! It's pretty scary. You are definitely not alone in feeling lost! It takes a while to figure things out.

Corrine Antonio
Corrine Antonio

It's not trivial Val! These fears are normal to us but remember that you have us to support you when you're down! So let's find our own jobs together and help each other out. So what if we start small? We can always volunteer in different NGOs and have fun. Volunteering is fun! If you feel you're lost, you can always keep in touch with us. We're in the same boat! :)

Virginia Williams
Virginia Williams
Etats Unis

I think you're expressing what a lot of young women go through at graduation, particularly during the economic downturn. Nevertheless it is a hopeful story as you are following your dream, one step at a time!

But remember the politics of development assistance, it's never just about the passion of helping people. I took up the same course as you did and that's where I learned about it. Also, development work doesnt always help people and that is why we have to be critical about it and where we are in the economy - we can locate ourselves by identifying that we are educated middle class people with priviledge and we need to be careful about our enggagements and critical of the work we enggage in.