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Heidi Hoelgard takes us on her personal exploration about her decision to leave her job as a hairdresser and follow her dream of returning to school. 
My project is a personal exploration about leaving my job as a hairdresser and following my dream of a new life as a history student.


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Great video, Heidi! Do you think you'll ever return to work as a hairdresser? Is there anything you miss about it?

I so enjoyed your story and in particular the tribute you pay to your own parents and the values they instilled in you. Did producing this piece make you feel differently about the values that you might want to pass on to your own children one day?

Krista: thank you very much - I am glad that you liked my video. I cannot imagine myself ever going back to my old lift as a hairdresser. I can truely say that I do not miss my old job, but I miss the interaction with different kinds of people.

Clare: thanks for your positive response it really means a lot to my! I do not think that the project has changed my values regarding my own children. Even before the project I have always admired my parents and I only wish that I in the future can become as good a parent and a rolemodel to my children as they have been to me!