Making It Work: Getting Married in College

Getting Married in College


What does it mean to get married in America? Add being both young and in college, and it's a messy and confusing world, but we make it work. This is my story.

What does it mean to get married in America? Add young and in college and it's a messy and confusing world, but we make it work. This is my story.


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"It works for us" is a great message to end your piece on. Marriage and when to get married can be a hot topic with vastly different viewpoints but at the end of the day you have to decide what is best for you and your situation. Being able to talk about the economic implications is so important along with enjoying the celebration. Like you mentioned, "when isn't it hard". Relationships are work and worth the investment if you put forth the energy. Whatever stage of life we decide to get married in has its own unique factors.

I'm curious how your family and friends feel about you getting married in college and the financial implications. Have you received any good advice?

Dana Maralason
Dana Maralason
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Hey, Kirby -
This was very interesting and informative - beautifully done and full of hope - the world definitely needs more of that.
Congratulations to you and good luck in all you do!

Super interesting...paying for college, getting married, and then finding a job after college are some of the biggest economic decisions young women have to make. You're doing all three at around the same time! Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Jennifer- Friends and most family have been generally supportive for our decision to get married.
Paying for the wedding itself was the first substantial financial decision we encountered. At the time I made this video it was still not settled down. Currently we as a couple are putting up most of the upfront money ourselves. If parents want to help that is going to be done retroactively. Doing it this way saves us from a lot of the previous headaches of who gets to weigh in on what decisions, etc., but it requires a lot of reshuffling and planning to pull it off and still make other payments (like tuition, rent, etc.)

Through this project I have met other women who have been, or are in, the same boat. One couple from Denmark financially benefitted from getting married early on in college through the welfare state. Another participant from Sudan is also engaged, but decisions such as who pays for what is very different from the United States. Marriage may happen everywhere, but I didn't realize before this project how much these local conditions effect the reality of marriage (and how drastic a change, such as the global economic downturn, can make.)