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Thanks to Denmark's many social benefits paid for by the government (including extended maternity leave), most women are able to have a full time job as well as a family life. Changing social norms means that this is not at all uncommon and accepted amongst most Danish families. While the financial crisis has affected some social benefits and has led to many women having to make unexpected adjustments, most young female students do not think that it will ultimately have an influence on their futures. This presentation explores how the Danish social system supports the ability of women to balance work and family, and what this means for young women who may soon become mothers, enter the labor force, or both.

In Denmark women are able to have a full time job and a family life as well. This is promoted by changing norms regarding women and social benefits given by the welfare state.
The financial crisis has affected the social benefits, but young female students do not think that it would have an influence on their future life.

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I love this insight into how women in Denmark balance work and career. It is alarming that these gains for women appear to be threatened by the financial crisis

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I applaud the idea of how companies and social benefits not only recogonize the value of family but also the positive contribution women can have to the workforce by allowing families to balance the needs of both. Not only does it create a better morale at home but that creates a productive ripple effect for the employee who feels appreciated by their employer and will in turn be loyal and dedicated to the quality of their work. Having the support system at home with your partner and family is so crucial in helping to keep our daily lives running. Within my group of friends now it is a constant struggle and balancing act with the high cost for day care centers in San Francisco and the financial need for both partners to work. I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will get better.

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