Daily Wage Women Workers (India)

Daily Wage Women Workers (India)


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Daily Wage Women Workers
India. 2008-2009. Digital.

More than 85 percent of the working population in India--about 400 million people--work in the informal economy. Of these, at least 120 million are women. In rural India, a woman's daily wages average just half as much as a man's, though men and women work equal hours. In almost all sectors, from mining to waste, women work for daily wages. Just a few decades ago, the nature of work undertaken by daily wage workers in the informal economy was mainly based on caste and tradition. Now, workers from all castes are more willing to work in almost any job. Issues such as socioeconomic development, overpopulation, and employment-related migration have made it so that someone seeking employment cannot afford to be choosy.

About the Artist

Pattabi Raman is a biologist-turned-photojournalist based in Pondicherry, India. He works as a photographer for The New Indian Express, a national newspaper. Apart from photojournalism, Pattabi also works on socio-cultural documentaries. He is the recipient of several awards, including a Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture (Government of India), a 2010 Media Fellowship from the Centre for Science and Environment, and 3rd Prize at the Venice International Photo Contest (2007).


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Comments (2)

Wow that image of the marble mine was horrifying. When searching environmental degradation in India and Socio-cultural degradation it is crazy to think how countries in Europe, America, and the pacific boast of beautiful country-side clean lakes, fresh water etc etc. but continue to consume at an exorbitant rate, not knowing where the goods they consume come from or where they are manufactured and the cost that it to, for the producing peoples and countries.
I really appreciate your work as a photographer and I will continue to inform as many people as possible about the issues you are drawing attention to!
Thank you.

Elizabeth Sowell-Zak
United States

So often the daily work women do goes unnoticed, at times, it take much strength to keep going...

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