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"Facebook gives real people the chance to connect with their friends, family, and the things that they care about most...These very 'connections' are important because they are a direct reflection of identity and authenticity... " 

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Selections from the Women of Facebook

Girls Helping Girls

Sara Brooks: I find it incredibly inspiring for a teenage girl to create a nonprofit. Social networking and entrepreneurialism are core themes in my life at Facebook, and we need to encourage more young women to go out to learn the skills needed to be effective leaders and entrepreneurs in their own countries.
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Friend Me

Hillary Frank: This story brings together things that I am naturally drawn to—using humor to tell life stories, the importance of authentic connections, and the evolving relationship between a mother and her daughter. My daughter is now five years old and I’m always wondering about how I'll stay connected to her in a meaningful way as technology evolves and as she grows up. 
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Celebrating Change: Marissa Mayer

Nik Sallie Franklin: I am a geek at heart: fashion geek, trademark/copyright geek, music geek, comic book geek. As Ms. Mayer stated in her speech, "passion is geek-enabling and gender-neutralizing." Gender roles can be restrictive and one-dimensional. As I've grown, I have learned to embrace my multi-faceted geekiness and I absolutely revel in it now.
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Women of Keny are...

Morin Oluwole: This piece harkens back to my experience growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. Women support each other. Women are tough on each other. Women make men stronger. Women help their children learn. Women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, and granddaughters. Women are friends.
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What's in a Name?

Jenna Rak: Sarah Buttenweiser has written a beautiful essay about the love of a child and the societal view of what defines a “mother.” She talks about the trials and tribulations of sharing the name with her daughter’s “birth mother.” In reality, love is love no matter what the title.
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Giselle Marie Schmitz: I became a vegetarian after I saw the movie "Fast Food Nation."  I stopped eating meat the day I saw the film because it was the one form of daily protest in my control. Seeing “Maquilapolis” gave me encouragement that these workers are finding a voice. It's triumphant for such a vulnerable group to exhibit such defiance.
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Marcy Scott Lynn: This piece really spoke to me because I can't think of a more powerful relationship in my life than the one I have with my sister. This series of paintings captures how, through the ups and downs of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, we've remained each other's touchstone and as we face what's next—middle and old age—we do it together.
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13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Jennifer Soss: I am the mother of a young girl, and I try to convey to her the rich history and unique perspectives that my grandmothers shared with me. Their points of view helped to shape my own. This piece reminded me of their teachings: stay connected to my family and our culture, serve the broader community, and share in the responsibility of caring for it.
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Women Who Light the Dark

Rena Wang: As a current student, I really appreciate that education can come in many different forms. This piece is particularly powerful to me because it demonstrates that education is a lifelong process that only increases in impact as it’s passed along. 
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In Our Own Words

Pooja Shah: Being an Indian woman (from India), domestic violence has been part of mundane news while growing up. From neighbors to best friends, I have heard all about it and see it go ignored all my life.  
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Curators' Statement: The Women of Facebook on Connection

Facebook connects one billion people around the world. The company's central mission focuses on making the world a more open and connected place. As the women of Facebook (women who work at the company's headquarters, in Menlo Park, California) evaluated various pieces in IMOW's exhibition archives, the theme of 'connection' came through time and time again — and for good reason. 

Facebook has an open culture that encourages both innovation and collaboration. From the way that Facebook’s teams work to the style of its offices around the world — each with a completely open floor plan and unfinished walls representing as an ever-changing platform — the importance of connection is constantly reinforced to employees. Facebook has a number of employee-led resource groups, including one called “Facebook Women.” This internal group is dedicated to continually supporting and developing the women of Facebook and has over 1,200 members, both men and women. The Facebook Women group hosts events, guest speakers, and conferences for employees, helping to foster connections between people at all of Facebook’s offices around the globe. 

Facebook gives real people the chance to connect with their friends, family, and the things that they care about most. As technology spreads, it becomes increasingly easier for individuals to connect. These very connections are important because they are a direct reflection of identity and authenticity.

Get to Know the Women of Facebook

The women of Facebook are a diverse group, spanning ages, cities, and countries, and working in every department, from coding to communications. Here, meet the nine Women of Facebook who together curated this selection of stories on Connection.

  • SARA BROOKS, Partner Manager, Games.  Her mantra to live by is: Be grateful. Each one of us has something each day to be grateful for. If you stop to express even the smallest token of gratitude, you will live a richer life.
  • HILLARY FRANK, HR Operations. She exhibits change by: Being a role model for my children by trying to repair the world.
  • NIK SALLIE FRANKLIN, Intellectual Property Specialist: She exhibits change by: Silencing doubt and pushing myself to do the things that challenge me.
  • MORIN OLUWOLE, Strategic Partner Manager – Global Scaling: She exhibits change by: accepting that I’m imperfect but always trying to improve on myself to be the best version of me.
  • JENNA RAK, Marketing Strategist Intern: Her mantra to live by is: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop. It’s amazing how far a smile can go to change someone’s day.
  • GISELLE MARIE SCHMITZ, Developer Programs: Her mantra to live by is: do it now.
  • MARCY SCOTT LYNN, Sustainability: People don’t know that she can: Tap dance (pretty well!).
  • JENNIFER SOSS, Client Partner, Global Marketing Solutions: A woman that she admires is: My grandmother Mae. She was a working professional before it was fashionable or even acceptable. She was a tough-cookie who was also incredibly generous and kind.
  • RENA WANG, Global Business Accounts Intern: Her mantra to live by is: Keep in the sunlight.
  • POOJA SHAH, Technical Program Manager, Mobile: Her mantra to live by is: "You must be the change you want to see in the world." –Mahatma Gandhi

Take Action

Learn which causes and organizations matter to The Women of Facebook and how you can connect with them.

She Heroes!

This organization provides examples of women role models in diverse careers--including women working in technology--and provides tools to parents, teachers, and mentors to teach young girls and boys that women can work in any field they desire.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success helps disadvantaged women gain economic independence by providing professional attire for job interviews. Helping women (especially low-income, unemployed women) find work is an incredible goal, and even something as simple as having the right clothes can make a huge difference.

Ladies Learning Code

This nonprofit group, run by women, aims to make learning code (typically a man’s endeavor) fun, accessible, and appealing to women. We need to close the gender gap in technology, and Ladies Learning Code is helping to do just that!




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Catherine King
Catherine King
United States

Thanks Women of Facebook -- I love your timely thoughts on the power of connection for women, whether that means starting at home (Marcy Scott Lynn) or connecting to one another across the globe (Jennifer Soss). Powerful.

Thank you for the wonderful selections Facebook ladies! I love "Girls Helping Girls", and agree that the non profit that Sejal made at such a young age is so inspiring!

maha saedaway
maha saedaway
United States

it all about ideas to improve , please express yourself to fit in

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