What Defines a Woman?

Burden of Labels

Women can never be just women. Whatever they do, they must be up to something...

Why can't she just be herself?
A woman. A girl. A lady.
A chick, some say. A mama, others say.
Why, I ask, can't she be just herself?

She dresses like this, she's shady like that. She's slutty!
She gets married at twenty, she's an underage desperate bride.
At forty, she's a has-been desperate bride.
If she marries and stays home, she's a desperate housewife.
If she's working, she's big-headed, trying to outdo her husband.

She's broke and searching, a gold digger.
Rich and searching, must be a cougar!
She loses weight: skinny and anorexic;
rounded and endowed: obese and overweight
She's tight with the girls, must be a lesbian;
she fights aggressively with the girls, must be a hater.

If she's a prostitute, the man is just an innocent victim
fallen prey to her wicked charm.
Whatever happened to the willing buyer?
If she hooks a married one, she's a husband-snatcher, homewrecker!
What is he? Helpless prey!

Beast of burdens she's always been
She's wrong in everything she does,
everyone else is right.
Everything is okay until she touches it.

Who will label the labelers, judge the judges?
When will she just live her life the way she wants?

Why can't she just be herself?


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