Structured Life, Random Thoughts

I feel them, live them, color them, solidify and liquefy them. They are mine and mine alone.

- Disjointed and connected in equal measures. Sometimes steroidal, othertimes weaklings

- Breaking the edificies of my structured life. They come and go randomly

I question them, cajole them, pity them, love them, hate them. But they are mine and mine alone
- Harbinger of my obsessions and propellers of my love. They nurture me and destroy me
- Creators of my destiny, Sculptor of my being. Shaping, resizing me as work-in-progress

I deny them, accept them, soften them, mix them. They are mine and mine alone
- Fueling my passions, nurturing my spirit. Resuscitating oxygen into me
- Orchestrators of my structured existence. My thoughts, Thou art stubborn and soft

I feed them, kill them, control them, loosen them. They are mine and mine alone
- Disciplining my living, erecting barriers. Powerful they are indeed.
- Random yet creating structurs of my life somehow. They are Me. I am their master, not vice-versa

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