My paintings are windows onto a world, a surreal world, where images repeat and are transformed into words within poems.

I create personal iconography; I transform simple forms into my own mythology. And although I paint figures and the landscape, they are always symbolic and my colors always set moods rather than imitate nature. In these oil paintings, I meld the familiar and the possible through sensual intuition.

Journey, 1998 | oil on linen | 48" x 64"

The two figures are featureless, mostly limbless. One has a lotus blossom in its lap and a feathery mermaid tail that curves back in a bold display. They roll along on the edge of the horizon, one balanced precariously on the uncomfortable point of a rolling triangle, while the other sits on a large reddish egg. These figures might be lovers, but their love is incomplete. They are on a journey together, but distant from one another.

See also Magical Art, my two paintings about dreams, hopes and fairytales.


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