Operation Woman #2

This is part two to my poem. In my own opinion I think it's the best one out of the two. It is based off of the men I've seen who didn't take responsibility seriously. I watched my mother go through a difficult relationship, and it made me think of this poem.

Thinkin’ you could hold me under your thumb!
You tell me you care, but on the other hand
You think I’m dumb!

You caress me, stress me, oppress me
Push me to the limit of no end
It’s ridiculous that I’m getting this from the man who was meant

To be my friend
Now that you’re gone
Thinkin’ you could underestimate me?!

I’m gonna spread my wings, move on
Show you who I could really be
I don’t need you

I put up with your slack
You were lazy, apathetic
And baby I still always had your back

You remember when you were kicked out on the street?
I took you in, took care of you, I even washed your sheets!
So who was I to you? Was I the baby on the side?

Because you know when it comes to LOVE and HATE
There was always a thin line
And you almost crossed it

But hey I wont let the man get me down
It’s only a matter of minutes til’ you come crawling back to my town
Hm, but it’ll be too late by then

I’ve moved on you see
I am a woman you see, we can keep goin just as a man can cheat
Phenomenally bringin your attention to my feats
Beautiful, Powerful, Impossible to keep

You could hurt me, but I’ll always come back
With high heels, a mini skirt, and a new track

Try to get rid of me, I'm always on your mind
One day I’ll find another, it’s all in due time
Beauty, Power, so Gorgeous it’s a crime

Look at me baby!
I’m a once in a lifetime Dyme!


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