When God Was a Woman

When God Was a Woman is part of my Lost in Translation Series where I question and dialogue with the writers of the three Holy Books--the Old and New Testament and the Qur'an--regarding war, women, and homosexuality.
I beseech thee,

...Goddess of goddesses,


queen of all cities,

leader of all men.

Thou art the light

of heaven


of the womb of all women.

Great is thy light...

Where thou glancest

the dead come to life,

and the sick

rise and walk;

and the mind

that is distressed

is healed.

A Babylonian Prayer
2000 BCE


In the background of this mixed media piece there stands Asherah (Ishtar), the godess of fertility, before a temple dedicated to her sexual and spiritual powers.

In the foreground there stands, sumptious, the "love Goddess" as depicted by Rossetti in his famous 1877 painting entitled Astarte Syriaca.

However, in the most distant background and in a place once called Babylon, two women today show no visible signs of their beauty or sexuality, as they walk in their dark shrouds towards a temple, covered and devoid of identity.

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