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I was organizing a mini tour of the United Kingdom with a group of women spoken word artists called "Sista Talk" and I wanted to write a poem that would uplift us all. This poem was divinely inspired; it came in one piece, which rarely happens with poems.
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Yvonne McCalla
Listen to my performance of the poem Shine

Never let others define…
Just who you are in this space and time

You’ve got to shine sista shine!

Don’t let small town mentality
Leave you in a pall of misery
cloud your vision in apathy

and limit your horizons
shine on sista shine on!

Allow no one to come along
To halt your voice stop your song
Steal the power from your throne

Reclaim your own and
Shine sista shine

Can’t let cut eye competition
become part of your condition
trade intelligence for suspicion?

Vanquish the opposition
And shine daughter shine!

Not to say you won’t be deceived
Learn your lessons well and believe!
The only limits to what you can achieve

Are in the mind girl….
The boundaries of your mind

Let the whispers float over your head
Keep your eye on the prize
Not what was said

Getting caught up in useless argument
No! don’t dip that head hold it
Hold it and shine!

Walk down the street like you own it
Cos you do you know
With those hips you throw

So sweetly in tune to the
Rhythm of the earth


Are the singularity that gave Genesis birth!

The Alpha and Omega

Your renaissance is overdue
What you’ve got to learn to do

Is shine sista
Simply shine!

© Yvonne McCalla, February 28, 2001

I am now a member of Speakeasy, a collective of poets, musicians and singers who perform regularly at live venues in the UK.

Speakeasy is where Manchester people express their soul. Its a funky mix of the dopest poets, rappers and vocalists flippin their lyrics to the sounds of live jazz, soul and hip hop, in other words, a collective spirit of Black music and words.

Speakeasy aims to create a meeting place where vocalists,poets and musicians of all levels of ability can feel free to express themselves, working from the slam/jam principle.


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I love this poem!!! As the inspired and lucky guest in your home, I'm so proud of you and am working on my shine!!!

Joan Garvan
Joan Garvan

Thank you Yvonne,
Let's sway our hips together!
Joannie (Australia)

This poem inspires and truly reflect the inner battles and insecurities women face daily forgetting that we have the inner strength to rise above all our troubles. I am sticking this poem to my diary!

Maxine Olson
Maxine Olson
United States

Your poem speaks to the heart and heals....

Masum Momaya, Curator
Masum Momaya, Curator
United States

I think this poem is emblematic of a new era in the world, in which we are collectively giving language and voice to what is affirmative and possible rather than what we don't want and are suffering from. I think artists have held this responsibility since the beginning of time but now I see it being "borne" everywhere by politicians, intellectuals and healers. Yay!

Anki King
Anki King

This brought tears to my eyes. Indeed - let us all shine the best we can!

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