Oil and acrylic on canvas, 56"x 66", created 2006
Swimmer was inspired by a story I heard third hand. A woman told the story to a friend (who told me) of how she went to ladies night at the pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn near where I live. When she entered the wardrobe it was full of wigs and dark dresses and when she got to the pool it was full of bold ladies in flowery dresses. We live near a Hassidic Jewish neighborhood and the women shave their heads and wear wigs and they swim dressed. This image was racing in my head after I heard the story.
Of course it is about much more than the story. I have to feel something to paint something and this image I could attach many feelings to.
In May 2008 I was homored to have the painting be included in the permanent collection of the Appleton Museum in FL.

To see more of my work please visit my Web site at www.ankiking.com.


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