Why Wars?

I wrote this poem while sitting on the swing in the back of my house, which is perched on the top of a mountain. I remember it was a summer's day, and I was feeling torn by the wars outside and inside myself. All of a sudden, it came to me--the realization that conflicts and wars are caused by my own ego. Only by peeling away the layers of anger, jealousy and fear that are products of my ego can I heal myself and the world around me.
Mukta Gupta
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When there is so much 
to give
Why anger?
Why fear?
Why wars?
Life is short.

Take a knife and peel me
Peel me, peel me, peel me of
Any anger, jealousy and fear,

Fear of any sorrow
As if there won’t be
Any beautiful tomorrow!

Take a balm and heal me,
Heal me, heal me, heal me of
Any fear of tomorrow,

Change my perception
Let me out of deception,
Because there really is not,
Any tomorrow.


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