Movable Mountains

This three-dimensional fused, slumped glass sculpture was inspired by the mist-shrouded mountains of the Japanese Alps. Portraying a solid, formidable structure like a mountain in something so delicate and fragile as glass was a challenge, as was my wish to transform a rigid piece of glass into a flowing object.

The ability of glass to be shaped without breaking serves here as a metaphor for women's potential to overcome the proverbial "glass ceiling" and achieve their goals in creative ways.

Movable Mountains | Fused and slumped Bullseye glass | 18" x 12" x 15"

When I entered medical school in 1961, there were quotas of less than 10 percent for women. As a woman, I experienced discrimination by my peers and daily felt pressured to justify why I had taken a "man's place" at the university.

I soon learned, however, that having all eyes on me could be an advantage. In a class of 200 I was noticed when I performed well. This held true throughout my career as a professor and pediatrician. Despite obstacles along the way, my efforts have produced lasting results in the fields of adolescent medicine, women's health and the health of prisoners. Mentoring the next generation of women and physicians is my current focus.

In semi-retirement, I now have the pleasure to explore the creativity that had been silenced because of my professional career. Working with glass has given me a new voice with which to express my feelings and nurture my esthetic sense.

Yes, we women can move mountains!


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