Ovulation and Pregnancy

Women of the developed world appear to have more time and money than ever, yet little has changed in terms of their basic status, societal obligations and privileges. They are culturally and economically coerced to conform to a teen-targeted youth culture that treats them like merchandise with a shelf-life. "Ovulation and Pregnancy" investigates the commodities that women become in the course of their lives. In the series Maybe Mom Ovulation Test, a 28-day cycle of fertility, monitored by a saliva testing kit, is recorded in paintings. The intention is to depict the "time stamped, freshness tested" nature of female fertility. In the Pregnancy Test series, carefully drawn renderings of different brands of pregnancy tests - EPT, Voyager, Pregnancy 1 and Orbiter - reposition these tests as architectural objects in empty spaces.
Maybe Mom Ovulation Test Series

Not Ovulating

Starting to Ovulate


28 Days


Pregnancy Test Series

Pregnancy 1





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Ovulation and Pregnancy:
How "fresh" is your fertility?

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