Visual artist Ayesha Khan depicts women's self-exploration in this almost raw and unfinished rectangular panel composition. She represents women's survival in society, seen as a struggle between chaos and calm. The social stigma that promotes women as objects of desire is completely invalidated; rather, a torn, disjointed female body is represented. The female figure is complete while at the same time incomplete; its incompleteness echoes the progression towards the coming of age while the degradation of the figure symbolizes the rejection of the ideal woman.
painting of womens survival, struggle and chaos in society
She, 2009 | Woodcut six-panel mixed media on hand-made paper | Oil, ink, graphite, charcoal | 72” x 32”

She represents a woman’s surviving and succumbing to a world which is anything but innocent. The female figure appears time and again in my work, often as chaotic and repellent. While She celebrates the spirit of the woman who’s struggling to make her mark, it also reminds us of her angst; her disjointed and torn body parts are painfully striving to come together.


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The Door
The Door
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Very nice - I appreciate the dichotomy. Thank you.

The intricate lines and forms are woven with brilliancy -- a symphony of many minds. Impresario of female representation. Ayesha Khan's work is raw, full of energy and pierces to the heart.

Regards, Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

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