Amazing Grace

"Amazing Grace" is an original song I wrote that draws on the rich legacy of the well-known, much-loved traditional version. One reviewer said that it was "like Eva Cassidy's 'Over the Rainbow,' but better." I wrote it while I was going through a period of questioning just about everything; I was questioning personal issues, my own existence and whether there was any meaning to life at all.
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Barbara J. Hunt sings "Amazing Grace."
Lyrics influenced by John Newton (1725-1807)
Front cover of Barbara J. Hunt's album Play My Heart painted by Melodie Mayne. "Amazing Grace" is one of the songs featured on the album.
Back cover of the album Play My Heart by Barbara J. Hunt.
I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of England. Taking a walk one day, I looked at the sweep of the hills and the beauty of nature and thought: "Even if there's no meaning, it's still awesome..." Nature, beauty and our ability to be evoked by what we see and experience is nothing other than miraculous.

I decided then that even if I never understood my existence, or existence in abstract, there is palpable Grace in this mystery that we call Life.


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karima zuhair
karima zuhair

Wow .. It is really amazing ..
It is like my feeling of the light
.. Like wet of the grass under my feet
Thus, As the first feeling of the love.. You do not know his name, But you feel it ...

Melodie Mayne
Reino Unido

I love your beautiful music my friend.

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