Museum Pick: February 9 - 23, 2009

Incognito series presents Cambodian women as attractive, rich and complex--they are, at the same time, both extremely global and unmistakably local. It seeks to portray the Asian woman as something very different from an exotic and subjected object.

The dressing style of the Cambodian people is influenced both by tradition and vanity. Cambodians pay strict attention to their clothing; Khmer society is very traditional and its government controls the fashion style of its citizens. On the other hand, clothing is also used to avoid getting tanned. Asian society values clear complexion and clothing is used to protect skin from exposure to the UV rays.

Incognito series

Incognito series

The clothing used as protection (against the prying eyes of the Khmer regime as well as the sun rays) has created unrecognizable individuals on the Cambodian streets. This anonymity has created a feeling of freedom in the city, which is not very common in Muslim countries where women are often masked by tradition.


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