The Humanity Practice

This video installation does not discuss women only, although the subject is a covered woman. The scarf does not literally represent a veil, or burqa, although it resembles one. The Humanity Practice is about humanity--both men and women--while the scarf represents privacy.
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Karima Zuhair
Bathed in anxious yellow light, The Humanity Practice presents violent scenes of draped women slamming their bodies into a wall.
To practice humanity with yourself and with others is the main message of this video installation. I cover the women in order to give them complete privacy to be free and be themselves, like children.


In the opening scenes the video, I write a short poem: "Why whenever my human inside has become strong, my pottery is broken it outside/ Are not the spirit that inflatable in me, that is same spirit that inflatable in you."


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In there is who send to me email , want to me more explain ..
Well . my message in my video art is :

The adults not the same as the child can talking ,laughing ,and playing with themselves by high voice, Thats why i had cover the human " as symbol of human privacy "
to be just with his self , to be so nearly and free to practice the humanity with his self
whenever the level of the humanity becoming so deeply inside, The legs showing us the details of his humanity experiment with his self inside
And whenever the level of humanity being high inside , the level of humanity becoming outside high as inside
so when i will start to go outside ,to live with other as level of humanity inside of me.. I find the other shock me, because they do not know how to be humanity with them self, and with me outside of them self
In my video art i do not regard just the women , but i mean the human as general meaning
And i do not meaning the cover is as scarf, but it is as symbol of human privacy"
So the title is massage for all the people to practice humanity with them self , and how the humanity practice is important for each other.."

karima zuhair

Yesterday I was happy to see the light Bastaki progress in its substantive work and also today your step. Keep going Bahraini Girls!

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