I have knitted 108 small sweaters by hand to honor the 108 Canadian soldiers (and one diplomat) killed in Afghanistan between 2002 and March 1, 2009. This is an ongoing project and unfortunately, by the time you read this, I will have knitted more sweaters. The idea for this project came from the woolen socks, scarves, and mittens lovingly knitted by women for the troops during the First and Second World Wars.

miniature sweaters commemorating fallen Canadians in Afghanistan
CamoSweaters 108, 8' x 7'

CamoSweaters memorial to Canadians fallen in Afghanistan
CamoSweaters 108 (detail)

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CamoSweaters: A knitted memorial to those who have
died in war.

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نساء يتحدثن عن السلام

نساء يتحدثن عن السلام

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ابدئي في بناء السلام اليوم

ابدئي في بناء السلام اليوم

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