As a child I have always wondered where God is, what exact position in the sky would God be and how beautiful that spot is! As I grew up my thoughts moved to the questions I will ask him and now the conversation I will have with him. Growing up I was cautioned not to ask too many question about god,just listen to the sayings of the wise men and don't even understand some of the sayings just believe in them and imbibe them, but as an adult with a strong will and mind of my own I have questioned so many sayings of this wise men and I have battled with so many answers and unanswered questions and I have come to the conclusion that only a conversation with 'God' will lead to my answers .
So you might ask did I ever had that conversation? Well I did with my soul and am still in that conversation with my self , some of the questions I am looking for are still unanswered but I am at a comfortable stage were i do not judge the believes of the wise men nor their answers for that is how far their mind and souls can stretch and that is the answers the chose for themselves .
i let faith in my self and the good of human kind to lead me in my search ,to find my answers i will look in to the beauty of life and nature and who knows I might or might never have that conversation, or I might just be having it right now!