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Geraldine Arancillo
Philippines, the


I am a single mother of two children, ages 13 and 7, girl and boy, respectively. I have a very good relationship with them. What bothers me is that my kids don't seem to get along very well. Each poses a threat to one another when it comes to attention. I could have attributed this to age gap, but there are other factors to consider. I do my best to give them undivided attention. But the "competition" becomes stiff.



Few would deny that it is very demanding for a singlewoman to combine both work and childrearing!And the things get even worse when children quarrel over more and more situations like parental attention.In this case, a mother should be very careful.She must devote her free time equally on her children.It is unjustifiable when she takes care one of her children more than than the others.If this happens, then there are many conflicts between children and mother.So, mothers be fair with you children!

Corrine Antonio
Corrine Antonio
Philippines, the

Hi Geraldine,

I just want to share this. I was like that with my younger brother too. As the older one, I feel like the younger one always has the special attention and this makes me angry or jealous at the younger sibling. But in the end we got along. I don't remember when we stopped fighting. Maybe we got fed up with the fighting and preferred to have a peaceful environment by not crossing each others territory.

Maybe you won't notice yet but when they get older, they'll be supporting each other.

P.S. It took us until high school to get over the fighting though.

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