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beatrice bowles
beatrice bowles
United States

Language as power

The radical right tosses the charge of "socialism" at Obama...What about the vandalism that Bush allowed...the -ism that almost ruined us? Time to face down the bullies and start repair-ism! Let's not let language scare us, just use it right back!

Why is socialism such a dirty word?

What I don't get is the people who use this word as an insult. They say it with a gasp like they've just compared Obama to the devil himself.

People have become so accustomed to hearing this word in a hushed sadistic tone that they don't even really examine what it means, but instead just nod dumbly in agreement mumbling... socialism = bad.

There's plenty of socialist democracies out their fairing better economically and democratically than the U.S. has for the past eight years. I think the right wing has done more to change the meaning of the word than to insult Obama. And if you think about it, that is really going to pay off for right wing politics far longer than Obama's term in office. When socialism is a dirty word, there is not much other option than to choose conservatism as your politics.

well said Renee Gasch

Hurrah for Socialism! - Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

Those who attribute to socialism as a "dirty" word are accustomed living a life that dictates them with social security fear, as Bush was known to ignite by constantly raising "alerts" in society during his tenure. People who do not examine such atrocities find comfort in what is dictated to them. Capitalism does not encourage mass human development, but is great at enhancing individual wealth creation that absorbs the vulnerable. One has to take cognizance of Cuba -- Castro's socialist government has achieved great results in human development, abolition of racism, drastic reduction in infant immortality, eradication of illiteracy and excellent medical research. On the other hand, Capitalism has brought its citizens to bended knees, sacrificing their souls.
long live Socialism!
Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

Laguage as power

When I hear the word ,,socialism" I remember my very, very happy Soviet, ,,red" childhood. As You know, Georgia was one of the leading republic in Soviet Space...It's very painfull to turn to west. I'm agree with Beatrice, often -ism s ruined us...

Fear and Hypocrisy

I believe that the bitter truth is that there is no perfect system. However, there is no meaning on being afraid to define a system by using its real name.

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