Current Issues: Balochi Women being used as sex slave in Pakistani army torture cell by the Pakistan Army

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Balochi Women being used as sex slave in Pakistani army torture cell by the Pakistan Army

Hello Every Body,

I want you all to please read this Asian Human Rights Commision Report, and apart of that play any part for the whole nation of Balochs who are fighting for the soveriegnity of their land.The Pakistani State shows a different image infront of the world but its the greatest murdered itself of a nation BALOCH. Read the report.

Please any part you can do for these womens.

Rita Lawn Meacham
Rita Lawn Meacham
United States

The barbarity of war for women and men

I read this report. The Pakistanis are specializing in profanity. They are treating women with gross disrespect and then, if a man comes to her aid, harming him as well. Yes, an outrage should be made. But, I would rather warn the women not to protest the current government. "You see a puddle, walk around it."

Barsha Hamal
Barsha Hamal
United States

@ Rita L M:

"The Pakistanis are specializing in profanity."

Oh the ludicrousness of broad, sweeping generalizations!

@ Kulmeet:
It is really sad what the Baloch population is going through. Balochs are facing oppression not just from the Pakistani end but also from the Iranian side. Since the Baloch population is a Sunni minority, its security has been under constant threat given the reality that its neighbor is Iran, a Muslim regime with Shi'a majority.

We should stand..

If we are to walk around the puddle it shall soon turn into a lake! How can we not say that their is no injustice in the world? We are neglecting those who are looking for help if we silence their cry.The man in the article was Zarina Marri voice! He is a true man in my humble belief. We should add our voice to the cry of injustice,yet I will be the first to say it hard to pick our battles..Psy...


Balochi women used as sex slave by Pakistani army

Soldiers are the protector of a land, and a land is generaly seen as the mother. But their behaviour towards women is so unrelenting. So in spite of such a glaring defect how could a person be the protector of a mother??

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