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Leadership in the Workplace

Nearly 2,000 women leaders and employees of Best Buy recently descended on Boston for the 5th Annual Best Buy WoLF Leadership Conference!

WoLF or Women's Leadership Forum aims to develop women leaders through woman-to-woman networking and mentoring. We believe that if Best Buy is going to be a great place for women to shop, it must be a great place for women to work!

Tell us how you make your mark. What do you think it takes to be a leader in the workplace? Do you use the same or different leadership skills in your home and your community? How do we become better leaders?

Leaders are Humble

I think the most important leadership skills are the ability to listen and to have humility.
Leaders are not just the individuals at the top who make decisions, they are everywhere in an organization.

Leaders listen attentively and inclusively. They hear many people's opinions on an issue and then make a decision. The consultation of diverse voices gains people's trust and makes them want to "follow."

I think this process also displays humility. A leader is someone who doesn't always believe she is right or intuitively knows best. A leader does her research, consults everyone and then makes a decision. She is decisive, but only after hearing all facts.

I think these leadership skills apply to work, community, family, friends... I think they are universal qualities. I think they are characteristics that not only make us good leaders, but also good people.

deZengo Moore
deZengo Moore
United States

Great Point Renee

I think you are absolutely correct and I further submit my thoughts on leadership skills that are universally successful.

1. Active Listening (as Renee states)
2. Treat with Respectful
3. Reward feedback, suggestions & input with positive feedback
4. Look for ways to involve and empower the individual.
5. Honesty, Integrity, and Sincerity go a long way.
6. Appreciation
7. Trust & Faith in Employee(s)
8. Positive Attitude
9. Lead by Example
10. Willingness to Change

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