Guerre et Paix: Women Peacemakers

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Women Peacemakers

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution (1325) in 2000 on women, peace and security. It was the first to specifically address the impact of war and peacebuilding on women.

But is it too little too late? Is it fair to increase women peacemakers while there are still few women decision makers?

What do you think? Should women be called upon for peacemaking when they're usually not the ones deciding to go to war?

karima zuhair
karima zuhair

That peace is painful

Women Peacemakers is old way to peace, some ancient Arab tribes used the Women to stop the war.
And now the United Nations Security use it.
Really i dont understand why they are not keeping role for women to decision makers?
I am sure when we are deciding to go to the war, The fire of the war Will be cold and peace for the human.

Karen Offen
Karen Offen
Etats Unis

Women have long considered themselves as potential peacemakers

Quite so, Renee. It would be better if women were on the decision-making team when the prospect of war is discussed. But, historically, it is rare that women find themselves in this position. In my latest blog of 9 June 2009, I present the remarks of a French woman, speaking on this subject at an international congress of women in 1933. Check it out!

Susmita Barua
Susmita Barua
Etats Unis

How we raise our children and teach boys

Women as mothers and elementary school teachers can consciously choose to raise empathic, emotionally sensitive and honest children who respect human life and our relationship to natural world. We can influence the thinking of boys by teaching them how to think about the cost of war Versus benefit of peaceful options, non-violent communication, and not sending our children to military even if they offer lucrative salary or benefit. And there are always better opportunities out there if we look.

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